Strongly considering Fuji. A couple of questions.

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Strongly considering Fuji. A couple of questions.

Hello all,

Last weekend, my house got broken into and the thieves stole pretty much everything electronics, including allof my photo gear! It's really a horrible experience I wish to no one. After an event like this, you just don't feel secure at home anymore

I used to have an Olympus E-M1 with a lot of lenses (9-18, 12-40, 17 f/1.8, 25 f/1.4, 45 f/1.8, 75 f/1.8 and 40-150). I was very happy with the system except for 4 things:

  • No prime wider than 12mm (24mm FF equiv)
  • No f/1.2 or 1.4 lenses with AF except for the Nocticron 42.5 which is ridiculously priced and the Pana/Leica 25mm.
  • I like the 3:2 aspect ratio better than 4:3
  • I was never fully happy with the colors (too yellowish); I always had to tweak them in pp.

Now I'm basically starting from scratch. Except that Fuji has much more interesting stuff than when I started with MFT. My perfect kit in terms of lenses would be 14, 23 and 56. I don't really shoot longer than that except very rarely so longer lenses isn't a priority at all.

Yesterday, I went to my camera shop to try the X-T1. I wanted to gauge the ergonomics although I'm perfectly aware than 30 min is way too short to form a correct opinion.

I'm not a big fan of using the aperture ring on the lens. I find it less practical than using one of the dials like on Olympus bodies (and most other cameras). I know some people really dig it, but I don't. Same with ISO. I only very seldom use specific ISO as I think it's the less relevant parameter between aperture and shutter speed. As such, I believe it should be automatic but baked with an excellent and clever auto implementation. It made sense in the film days, but not so much today since it can be changed on the fly and automatically.

  • Question 1: is it possible to change the aperture using one of the 2 dials? I know it's the case when a lens without aperture ring is mounted so I assume it's possible but I couldn't figure out how.
  • Question 2: is it possible to see in real time whether an area of the image is over/under exposed?

Overall it looks like a great camera, but it's really the optics that I'm impressed with.

This said, I wish Fuji would address a few things:

  1. Release a camera with 1/8000 shutter speed
  2. Allow direct control of focus points (with no extra press; just use the arrows)
  3. Why cannot the min shutter speed in auto ISO be higher than 1/500? A totally stupid and arbitrary threshold, it should go up to the max shutter speed allowed by the body
  4. Ability to assign any function to the front and back dials (ISO, shutter, aperture, etc.)
  5. RAW for ISO 100

Points 2 to 5 can easily be addressed by firmware. I hope Fuji will in the future.

Two final notes:

  1. I really like how Fuji seems to listen to their user base and how they release firmwares for older models. As far as I can see, they are the only company doing this and I applaud them for that, it's really great. You feel that Fuji is truly concerned to please their customers.
  2. The Fuji lens lineup makes a lot of sense. In fact it's the lineup that makes the most sens among all manufacturers IMO. They don't have overlapping lenses and 14 variations of the same slow kit lens.

Sorry for this lengthy message and thanks in advance for answering my 2 questions above.

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