Should the new Sony FF E-mount forum include RX1?

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Re: Breaking the rules

GaryW wrote:

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Jabba23 wrote:

Call the new forum Full Frame mirrorless and it makes sense. Call it Full Frame e-mount and no having the RX-1 in there breaks all the rules. They would have to make a Full Frame cyber shot forum just for those people.

Seems logical to have a FF Cybershot forum.

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Darren Krusi

There are already cameras that break the rules in terms of which forum they are in. Take the Nikon FX DSLR forum, which includes the D1 and D2, both APS-C (or should I say DX?) cameras...

In honesty though, the right comparison would be the Fujifilm forum - it made a lot of sense for the X100/S to be discussed in the same forum as the X-mount cameras.

Maybe the Fujis should be added to this forum, since they are mentioned so often over here.

As to what the Cybershot forum would say, why doesn't someone ask them?

Yeah, I don't think the rule should be, "Several people in the Nex, er, Sony FE, forum wanted the RX-1, so we're switching it."

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Gary W.

Funny how nobody ever mentions Samsung. One story is that Sammy came first, with their NX line. So when Sony introduced their new competing line, they just stuck an 'E' in the middle of NX, stealing the idea with NEX. Believe that?

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