Limited Edition vs original model; your preference

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Re: Limited Edition vs original model; your preference

Joel Stern wrote:

35mmBlueSky wrote:

BTW, with the GV-1 installed on the GR, can I see info like focus confirmation and exposure metrics? If not the X100s has a huge advantage when one opts to use the VF, I can't imagine going back and forth doing framing, focusing and metering between the LCD and OVF for each shot I'm taking,it just adds too much unnecessary steps into workflow compared the traditional DSLR's OVFs, which really renders the OVF on GR an undesirable tool in the end.

No info is available, the reason i never use mine. No focus confirmation either. I use the XE-1 and the GR and prefer the GR. I had an X100s but it had issues and Amazon took it back, i like the GR better, i use the 35mm crop mode often.

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There is a green dot near the top of the camera to the rear of the Power button that serves as focus confirmation. The reason it's located there is because it's visible through your peripheral vision while looking through an optical viewfinder.

If you want all of that information, use the LCD screen. Heck even buy a hood for it to blot out stray light and magnify the image.

The GR is great when used rangefinder style, street style, with a fixed focal distance & using Zone Focusing (via Snap Focus), and trusting the camera for exposure. You use the OVF as a rough framing guide, but not for critical framing. It's a fast & loose way of shooting that's not suited to everybody.

That's not to say that's the only way to use the GR, but it's basically the only camera on the market with anything like Zone Focusing as one of its main features, even the rangefinders like the Fuji and Leica (which is all manual focus anyway, except their point & shoots).

See that dot to the right of the optical viewfinder, right behind where it says On/Off, that lights up green when you have focus. Though there's no guarantee it's focused on what you think it's focused on.

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