Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Why didn't you use the built in focus assist via flash that the A77II has? That should have helped. You don't have to use the flash in the final exposure to use the focus assist flash.

Yes you do - unless you sod around pressing the flash half down or something

Are you sure?

I honestly have to try it when I get home to verify, but looking at the instructions you should be able to turn off the flash and leave AF illuminator set to auto so that you can use the AF assist but not get a final flash. But the instructions do say that the AF assist won't work if set to Continuous AF, if in movie or panoramic mode, or if shooting in scene mode under landscape, sports action, or night scene. I believe this information can be found on pages 61 and 80-81 in the PDF version of the online help guide that Sony provides. At least in there it gives the impression that it is possible.

Just tried it out on my A77II earlier tonight and it won't work. Flash has to be turned on to use the AF illuminator despite you being able to turn it on or off separately from the flash. It's a shame and I am 'slightly' bummed about that.

'Slightly' because I usually keep it off anyways, even on my A77 since I will shoot in locations that it would be considered a distraction. So not a huge loss for me, but a little annoying since the AF illuminator on the A77 can be activated regardless if the flash is on or off. Makes me want to try an put a bug in someone's ear to allow that via a firmware update.

On a different note, I can confirm that I can make out more detail in low light with the A77II's EVF than I could with the A77. What was practically black with color noise in the A77's viewfinder, the A77II showed less noise and I could make out the subject, even if just barely. The room was so dark that at ISO3200 it would have taken at least 10 seconds for an exposure.

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