Getting used to the XZ-2

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Re: Elliot

Just a couple of points mate,

The images posted by you are either  out of focus or poorly exposed, when you say 'I'm impressed by that' no one will want to say anything.

It's like you see a bloke by the side of the road digging a trench with a dessert spoon and you offer a shovel  and they say " I like my dessert spoon". Well you shrug your shoulders and keep walking. You are impressed by the digital teleconverter/TCON images etc , I think for the $$$ in 2014 they are awful.My Old XZ-1 at wide angle is two stops faster than the Stylus 1 and probably sharper in daylight. There is nothing wrong with the Stylus it has a unique feature set in this sensor class but it is not this wonder that you keep proclaiming. For those of us that do not need to stick a camera in a jacket there are far better options at this price point.

Example I can purchase a XE-1( APSC ILC/Gold Award DPR) and a SH-50 still have coin left over for a beer at retail price of the Stylus 1 with the TCON.

I understand your health reasons limit your choices but this does not mean that these limits apply to everybody.


over exposure warning

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