Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: The myth of the battery hungry GPS once again!

nandbytes wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

GPS being left turned on and actually being actively used could be two different things. If the GPS on my phone is being used it drains the battery in 2-3 hours where my phone normally lasts 2 full days.

And I have a GPS logger which can log continuously for 15-20 hours on a battery which is much smaller than the battery in my camera.

So I think we should forget about anecdotal evidence from GPS enabled non-camera hardware.

I don't know how much battery the GPS drains when its being actively used in A77 vs. when not used at all. If you have that metric I will happily stand corrected.

I don't. I have never experienced any difference which was so significant that I bothered to test it more precisely. I just keep the GPS on.

So your evidence is anecdotal too. I can find others (people like Ed) who will claim GPS is a real battery saver. If I still had my A99 I would have tested it myself but unless I get metrics I cannot believe either side of the story.

But I will take back my word on GPS being a significant battery saver as I cannot prove or disprove it.

Maybe people will consider this 'official' information on SLT GPS battery drain convincing enough to dispell further disagreements... or maybe not.

A55 vs. A55V:

And A77 vs. A77v:

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