Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

SteveJnerChicago wrote:

How does one not know nor remember where they took a photograph? I turned my battery draining GPS off on my A77 after one day.

Take your camera on a long trail hike or camping trip. Take some photos in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Take photos on a motor trip through another state or country. Take a lot of them. Are you saying that next month or in a few years you will know just where you were when you took each of them?

My older relatives left me a ton of old photos and I had no way to guess where on Earth they were taken, and I sure wish I knew. They would mean so much more to me. And GPS is so much more precise than scribbling the location in a notepad.

If one takes most of their pics around their yard it might not matter, but for me GPS is valuable.

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