Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: The myth of the battery hungry GPS once again!

VirtualMirage wrote:

Peter Albinger wrote:

Ed, if you are implying that the EVF takes less energy than the LCD screen you would seem to be mistaken. Gary Friedman did some testing on his A77 and here is what he came up with -


With LCD and GPS On: 300 mA

With EVF and GPS On: 310 mA

With LCD on and GPS off: 284 mA

So - LCD takes less power than EVF and not having the GPS on saves a small amount of power - i.e about 5%.

Of course, Friedman's figures could be wrong and all the anecdotal evidence arguing for massive GPS power consumption could be correct/

I don't think Ed was saying that the LCD uses more power than the EVF, just that if you choose not to use both the EVF and LCD and use only the EVF that you will save quite a bit of power.

The EVF only turns on when the proximity sensor is tripped. The LCD will stay on for a specific time period or any time a button is pressed, which may be longer than you need it to be on.

I choose to use only the EVF whenever possible. For times that I have to use both I do find that my battery doesn't last as long.

I suppose using just the LCD and avoiding the EVF completely will save even more power, but I'd imagine there are very few people who shoot exclusively that way with a camera such as the A77 and A77II. If I were to shoot primarily like that, then I would get an E-mount camera since they seem much better suited for that type of use.

Correct Paul.  I used to have both the LCD and EFV on.  Now, it's just the EFV.  IMO, it's easier to have both on when reviewing because you don't have to look in the EVF, but using both uses more power - seems like a no brainer.

I really need the EVF when shooting - especially in brighter light conditions.  It's also easier to hold the camera up to my eye than out in front of me - at least for me.

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