Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: The myth of the battery hungry GPS once again!

Peter Albinger wrote:

Ed, if you are implying that the EVF takes less energy than the LCD screen you would seem to be mistaken. Gary Friedman did some testing on his A77 and here is what he came up with -


With LCD and GPS On: 300 mA

With EVF and GPS On: 310 mA

With LCD on and GPS off: 284 mA

What about EVF off and LCD off?

This is actually the case most of the time when you have your LCD turned inwards. The EVF is only turned on when the camera is at the eye, but the LCD is usually turned on for much longer if it is turned outwards.

This is in my opinion the real power saving benefit of turning the LCD inwards.

So - LCD takes less power than EVF and not having the GPS on saves a small amount of power - i.e about 5%.

Which is strangely close to what could be expected from my Canon 6D, Sony a77 example.

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