A must have lens for all DX users

Started Jun 23, 2014 | User reviews thread
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Re: A must have lens for all DX users

anotherMike wrote:

Hey Dan,

So, you picked up the Sigma 18-35? I don't shoot DX any longer so I sold mine, but man, THAT lens was sweet. Killer performance in a lot of the range, peaking about 24mm near and far IiRC...


Hello Mike,

No I don't have a crop body any more, sold my D300 a while back and kind of waiting for the "D400"  type of camera, but I did have a chance to play with this lens on my friend's Canon 7D and it is a really really nice lens, so I consider that my "must have" if I ever get another crop body. Like you said, real killer performance in almost the whole range, I don't really noticed any real weak area when compare to other competition,  the F1.8 itself already worth every penny, not to mention it's actually a very useable F1.8 lens.

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