Would the G1x MKII be good for me?

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Re: Ordered!

chicoes wrote:

After long contemplation between the G1X II and the RX100 III, I have decided to place an order for the Canon.

Pocketability would have been nice, but since the RX100 III would not fit into a jeans pants, it looses its Pocketability and I might as well carry it in a a separate bag.

I have to say that I was tempted by the video quality of the Sony. I dont do much video, but when I do, I wanted it to look better than my SX160IS, and canon really screwed things up on this regard, but what finally made me pull the plunge for the canon, is the Sony's low light pictures. The NR looks really bad. Although the Canon seems softer on high ISO, it looked like the Sony is making it sharper with a bad NR and the picture, although sharper than the Canon, looked less cleaner.

The last thing was the shooting experience and user interface. DPR came out with the RX100 III review just in time, and when I read about the bad shooting experience and complicated menus along with your helpful comments, I have decided that the G1X II, although less praised than the RX100 III, would be a better choice.

This would be the first time I spend $800 on a camera. I do wish though that they had used a newer sensor. I would feel bad if in a year or two, they would come up with a new G series and an updated newer sensor

Wanted to order a spare battery but it seems not to be in stock at B&H so for the meantime I will have to deal with 1 battery and I hope it will last a day of shooting before I have to charge it again.

I am suppose to get my camera sometimes on July and hopefully I wont be disappointed.

Congratulations !!

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