Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

TroyMich wrote:

Thanks to everyone for your input. Your varied perspectives on the topic are valued and probably the reason why we have so many choices in cameras and their features. I had been under the impression that this GPS feature was a natural "got to have" for anyone who travels. I used it on all our excursions on a Castles Along The Rhine trip in Europe. Seeing those shots plotted out on the Map View in Adobe Lightroom and then zeroing in on the street view I think is amazing.
I was not aware of some countries restrictions on GPS and can understand why manufacturers might shy away from the feature for this reason. But I think if there were a great demand for the feature, as I would have hoped, they would have continued to make two versions of the camera with and without GPS. But at least at this point there is not enough demand.
Having the ability to turn this on or off eliminates the objection by some about battery life although I would have to agree with the fellow who said he kept it on all day and took many shots without a real problem. Also, carrying around an extra battery easily handles this objection anyway.
I don't think many who objected to the feature and suggested an Iphone app to gather the information have really used the feature. For if they saw how easy it displays the information and sequence of shots on a map right out of the camera they may think otherwise.

I would say otherwise.. People can be fully aware.. I don't object to the feature.. I just went to solution finding as soon as we saw it was gone.

I will probably pick up the GPS logger with Geotagged Voice notes I linked to in my post when I upgrade (maybe before), THEN I will also have all my images and the path I drove or walked to get there on a Map in LR. Better documenting my travel then a camera GPS, all by opening one extra file.

Its Convenient, no argument.. but when I looked at the alternatives and realized I could document my travel path with the images and even have the device that lets me tag voice notes.. I realized in-camera GPS is just the tip of what you can do with a camera and GPS to document traveling.

I like the Wifi and Remote Shutter feature and I use them on my RX100II. It could be a coincidence that they dropped GPS and added Wifi/NFC.

It is.. since phones do both no technical reason to force a SWAP.. I am pretty sure Its all about having one camera SKU worldwide.. it saves money and allows them to direct factory output to any market that needs it and even shift packaged product depending on documents etc between markets without worrying about GPS issues.

The fellow who said that Sony or a third party may come up with a add on attachment as other manufacturers have done that would deliver GPS info to the shot may have the answer for those of us who would miss the feature. I find Vello's wireless Shutterboss does that for me on the A77 to give it the wireless shutter option that now comes with the A77II!
So I would conclude thus far that the fact that some countries (China) object to GPS systems in cameras and lack of demand probably came together to nudge Sony's hand. Also, the possibility to introduce an add on attachment if their camera tech will support it may be moving them as well.
Thanks again, for the input. I will keep following!

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