Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

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Re: Hmmm....

Fish Chris wrote:

As far as I'm concerned, any other new and improved, latest greatest sensors or whatever else they can come up with, is all fine. Then, if they don't call this a "replacement for the 7D" because of these new technologies, that's all fine and good too.

However, "IF" you mean to say that "Canon won't be coming out with a new 1.6 crop factor camera"..... < This, means more to me than pretty much all else.

If I wanted a FF camera, I'd have one already.


I agree. I'm a fairly new Canon user and happy with my SL1. I sold my 70d. I didn't want two cameras with the "Live View" method of taking video. If the new camera has the 1.6 crop factor and eliminates the requirement to shoot video at arms length, I'm definitely interested. Like you, if I wanted a FF camera, I'd have one already.


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