anybody tried both zeiss touit 12mm and samyang 12mm?

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Re: anybody tried both zeiss touit 12mm and samyang 12mm?

narddogg81 wrote:

wb2trf wrote:

Since that review seemed fairly carefully done and comprehensive, it looks like you're just having difficulty believing it. I own the Rok (only) and don't find it surprising. It is very sharp, very good IQ and overall a lovely, compact, high quality lens.

I would say it comes down to MF vs price, maybe f stop but less likely that for most people. While dof is huge at this focal length, that does not equal being able to ignore the need to think about focus. If I could have it AF for free I would take it, but the MF is not challenging the way it can be for a long lens. The images are great.

its more a matter of is that a good copy of the samyang and a bad copy of the zeiss or something. money is not really an issue, im interested in resolution and the best IQ i can get, as i print big landscapes alot, and shitty corners are a distraction on large landscape prints. lack of sharpness across the frame is not really something you can fix with processing. Im pretty much convinced i want the samyang regardless now, as it would be a fantastic night photography lens if nothing else. im also thinking of maybe getting one of those canon ef to emount smart adapters and picking up a canon 10-18 stm . From what i read, that thing is the tits, optically speaking, despite being a cheap all plastic affair. i like the idea of the zoom for versatility and the prime for absolute quality and night shots.

For 12mm the manual focus will be nice for night shots.  Otherwise I like AF (quick and hard to tell if it is actually in focus or not manually unless you zoom way in, but often I am setting on infinity and leaving it, where the MF lens is better).

I haven't used the Rokinon yet, but would like to. The ZEISS is great as well. The ZEISS produces nice star bursts, but is also susceptible to flare for just out of frame light sources. I don't know how the Rokinon does.

Here is my review of the ZEISS on Fuji:

If you can still get the ZEISS 32 and 12mm combined for $920, that deal would tempt me a lot. I imagine the f/2 is really only going to be useful for astro photos, etc. Honestly I shoot most ultra wide lenses at f/7.1 most of the time.


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