Corrupt NEF files - so sad if images are lost

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Re: Corrupt NEF files - so sad if images are lost

GodSpeaks wrote:

First things first... DO NOT allow anything to WRITE to that memory card.

Usually running a data recovery program on the card will recover most images/data.

Many people have said that Recuva is a good free program. Not used it myself, but here is a link...

Just had an issue with a 32GB Transcend SD card. Some recent NEF and AVI files got corrupt (a new batch, plus some from the previous one). Win7 prompted to "scan and fix" the file system of the card next time I inserted it and I let it do it without thinking, but it didn't seem to do any good or bad, except that Win7 would not complain anymore.

Recuva restored the AVIs and JPGs, but does not handle NEFs. Most software that gets on top of google results wants a few ten quid for the job. PC Inspector File recovery did it for free.

The restored files are not perfectly intact; the previews seem to be missing. But LR and Picasa handle them fine.

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