Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: The myth of the battery hungry GPS once again!

Allan Olesen wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

SLT (and mirrorless especially) already have less battery life than a traditional DSLR. So if I am on travel and need to conserve battery guess what gets turned off first. the GPS...

In the Canon 6D, the GPS is turned on, even when the camera is off. It will drain the battery in 5 days.

In the Sony a77, the GPS is only turned on when the camera is on and not in standby. Even without GPS, I don't think I can run much more than 6 hours in this condition.

So if everything else than the GPS will drain the battery in 6 hours, and the GPS will drain the camera in 120 hours, how much difference do you think that turning the GPS on or off will do?

GPS being left turned on and actually being actively used could be two different things. If the GPS on my phone is being used it drains the battery in 2-3 hours where my phone normally lasts 2 full days.

I don't know how much battery the GPS drains when its being actively used in A77 vs. when not used at all. If you have that metric I will happily stand corrected.

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