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KSV wrote:

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KSV wrote:

Your guess is right and IMHO cropped mode useless to start with - one always can crop in PP and can for example achieve 1:1 ratio without loosing sides.

Actually, I use the crop mode quite a bit in the studio, where I can't not go in any closer, if I need everything in focus. For example a beer glass. The only alternative for FF would be focus stacking, which takes a lot longer, and clients don't usually want to pay extra.

DX crop mode is absolutely useful for me!


My point was that you always can do cropping in PP and do it better. So why I need to trow away at shooting time something that I could use? For sake of few megabytes? Nah - memory is so cheap today that it simply not worth to save.

It's not about the storage, it's about the hassle. Let's say you shot 3,000 images at an air show. Do you want to individually crop every 3,000 images, or would you rather frame the 'crop' at the time of the shot with DX mode or 1.2 crop mode? I would take the latter any day of the week.

In the past, it wasn't that useful on the 12MP sensors, but now with 24MP and especially 36MP, you basically have 3 cameras in one with the FF, 1.2 crop, and DX crop modes.  Certainly nice to have the option.

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