Nex5n Owner bought an A7, shutter speed question

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Re: Nex5n Owner bought an A7, shutter speed question

ksarkar77 wrote:

Hi Andrew,

Can you please be little bit more elaborate? Did you mean that on M mode, set the same shutter speed, ISO, F stops and then compare the brightness of the pictures?

About the Vignetting, did you mean that I have a bad copy of lens on my A7?


Check settings like DRO (dynamic range optimizer) as that intentionally underexposes and boosts the exposure of the shadows to protect highlights.

For M mode, set both cameras to M and do the same exposure for both and look at the resulting images. Brightness should be the same.

For example, it might be 1/100 at ISO 100 f/7.1 the resulting image should be the same brightness on both cameras.

In terms of equivalence if you want truly similar photos:

18mm f/3.5 1/100 at ISO 100 on the 5N should look like:

28mm f/5.6 1/100 at ISO 250 on the A7.


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