Nex5n Owner bought an A7, shutter speed question

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Re: Nex5n Owner bought an A7, shutter speed question

andrewD2 wrote:

ksarkar77 wrote:

SQLGuy wrote:

If your scene has mixed bright and dark spots, you may also want to switch to spot metering to ensure the two cameras are using the same point and light intensity on which to calculate exposure.

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A7 with kit lens and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD); A3000 converted to IR.

Thank you SQL guy for the advice. My cameras were in matrix metering mode. I will switch them to spot metering and get some samples.



The simpler way is to set both to the same exposure manually "M Mode" and see if they match.

The other possible is that the A7 lens vignettes so badly it is losing more light than the 18-55.


Hi Andrew,

Can you please be little bit more elaborate? Did you mean that on M mode, set the same shutter speed, ISO, F stops and then compare the brightness of the pictures?

About the Vignetting, did you mean that I have a bad copy of lens on my A7?


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