Confirmation of the new D800

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Re: Confirmation of the new D800

holgerlinke wrote:

Lance B wrote:

caspianm wrote:

Spend the money on some good lenses unless you need 4k and updated focusing. You will loose a lot of money in upgrading the system.

Well, lets see. I have the following lenses:


LOL, this reads like an invitation list to any burglar doing online research. Makes a good checklist. You sure you want to keep this public?

How is it different than the millions of people posting on car or automotive forums about their vehicles worth many times more than those lenses combined?  People do it every day, it isn't really an issue.  Lots of people on here also list all their gear in their profiles.  Most burglars are opportunists, and likely have no interest in scouring DPreview forums ;-).

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