Confirmation of the new D800

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ADMint wrote:

Well as of this minute you can still purchase a D800/E so I wouldn't count the discontinued rumor to be fact just yet. And BTW, even though there's a D4S, you can still get the D4 so...

But, I wouldn't be surprised if they do discontinue the 800, especially if the replacement is something along the lines of the D610 replacing the D600.

All speculation at this point though.

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Discontinued just means Nikon doesn't make new ones anymore. It doesn't mean every dealer's stock magically disappears. The D300S and D7000, for example, have been discontinued for quite some time now and you can still buy new ones.  Further, the D800/E have not been officially discontinued yet, but even when they are, I'm sure you'll still be able to buy a new one if you wish.

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