LA-EA4 Adaptor worth keeping?

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Re: LA-EA4 Adaptor worth keeping?

jalywol wrote:

Tubbycub wrote:

Hi all,

I received the LA-EA4 adaptor through a sony redemption.

I don't own any A mount lenses, Should I just sell it?

Or are there many good full frame A mount lenses that I should look into?


If you are on a budget, there are a LOT of Minolta AF lenses that can be had for not a lot of investment, that will give you pretty good coverage of some focal ranges that the current Emount lenses don't have. I bought a 70-210mm and 75-300mm, and have been having great fun with them both...for very little cost. I also have the 50mm f1.7, which is a pretty good lens, but if you have the 55mm Sony, it would be redundant....

I expect I will add other A-mount lenses in future if I happen upon some good deals with them. The adapter works extremely well, and it really opens up lots of options for lens choices that are not available in native FE mount yet.


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Would it be ok to pm you and perhaps get some links to lenses?
I have no idea which are full frame. I thought only sony made a mount. See I have no idea!
RX1, A7 Zeiss 55 Zeiss 35

Any A-mount lens that is not identified as DT, is a FF lens, either from Minolta or Sony. The APSc lenses were first offered with digital and are identified as DT.

Among primes, only Sony DT 30/2.8 SAM Macro, Sony DT 35/1.8 SAM and Sony DT 50/1.8 SAM are APSc lenses. Any Sigma "DC" lens is also APSc only (only some zooms qualify). In case of Tamron, Di II is APSc lens designation (only 60mm f/2 macro is an APSc).

All Sigma DG and Tamron Di lenses are FF. If you care for stabilization, your choices will be limited to Sigma OS lenses only (there are a few of those in FF).

From Minolta, I will recommend a look at 35-105/3.5-4.5 (original version, from 1985-87). It is an awesome lens and can function well as a walkaround zoom on FF. You should be able to find one for less than $100 in very good condition (my copy looks like new and cost me $80, shipped).

You can also shop for an ultra wide zoom (17-35 and like). Then there is a 500mm f/8 reflex, which happens to be the only mirror lens that can AF. It was made by Minolta and continued for some time by Sony so you will find them under both brands.

If you would like a 70-200 thru 70-400, you have those choices covered. Also, the new Tamron 150-600.

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