Confirmation of the new D800

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Re: Confirmation of the new D800

Lance B wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Just spoke to my camera retailer and asked if I could go on their notification list for me to purchase the rumoured new D800 - whatever the number is. The sales guy told me that he was informed by Nikon Australia that the D800 and D800E were being discontinued and that there was an announcement in the next day or so of the new D800(?) and it will be available mid to late July, for Australia anyway.

I would assume that they would be announced on the same day all over the world and released on the same day all over the world.

I just hope it fixes all of the quality issues with the D800 and D800E. And is faster.

I know some of the earlier D800's had issues, but my late 2012 purchased D800E is perfect, no issues whatsoever.


You can't start a thread about the D800 without someone placing a comment in about the quality issues. It is old, it isn't relevant anymore, and it is annoying, but someone like ScottRH feels a need for some reason to do it.

My D800 bought very early in the release process has been a joy to work with.

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