Camera designed for the "Professional Chimper"

Started Jun 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
peripheralfocus Veteran Member • Posts: 4,332
neither helps with judging light quality

darklamp wrote:

Cameras these days ( and for a long time now ) have had very good metering systems that do a very good job at metering exposure.

A good test shot is still useful when using artificial light sources. Neither the camera's meter nor bracketing helps at all with fine-tuning light ratios or even judging the positioning of a single light source. Light quantity is not the same thing as light quality.

But the OP could easily use a tablet or laptop (tethered or WiFi) for judging light quality, and both of those are far quicker and more convenient than pulling 4x5 Polaroids ever was. So I agree that his nostalgia for the old days is puzzling.

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