Limited Edition vs original model; your preference

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Re: Limited Edition vs original model; your preference

IslandTractor wrote:

35mmBlueSky wrote:

Forget about the viewfinder, you will not get one , i was at their store earlier today and was set to buy the GR, but decided to hold off when they told me the viewfinder is no longer in stock. But if you can live without the viewfinder, it's still a good deal.

The viewfinders are on backorder. The Adorama deal includes one but it won't arrive with the rest of the package.

I have just received my GR and haven't really had much chance to use it in real life situations yet. However, I anticipate the viewfinder (once it arrives) being quite useful for my intended use as a travel camera.

I hate holding a camera at arms length like an iPhone to frame shots. Much prefer bringing the camera up to my eye. EVF would be nice but the delays and added information are distractions when out on the street. I prefer setting the basic exposure parameters ahead of time, allowing the camera to finalize exposure on it's own and devoting my efforts to seeing and then framing the shot. An optical viewfinder is great for that. Used one with my Bessa-L and Voigtlander 15mm lens as well as with a Contax G/21mm.

The only real downside for the GR is that with a viewfinder like the GV1 mounted you need a bigger hip bag to carry the camera.

With the GV-2 you only need a marginally larger hip bag to carry the camera.

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