Finding and 18200 lens for my A7 Alpha

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Re: Finding and 18200 lens for my A7 Alpha

darkdirtydwarf wrote:

dave wrote:

Although the lens is designed for asp-c with a small image circle, zoom lenses will cover the ff sensor at some point as you zoom towards the long end.

I have the A7 and the SEL18200. Forget using it in FF mode.

First of all the lens NEVER covers the full frame (you get a heavy rectangular vignetting on the long end, I assume that's the plastic circuit cover the lens sports on the rear element).

Second, if you check the image at the borders, the details get quickly mushy outside the APS-C crop area. In crop mode though works well, if 10MP is enough for what you're doing and it's very comfortable to use if compare to let's say a NEX5N (my other body).

See here almost at the end of the page:

My cheap FF alternative for now it's a Minolta 28-134 F4. Good enough for a zoom, although a bit slow and without stabilization. 28mm is wide enough (on APS-C you get this field of view with an 18-19 mm lens).

Does SEL18200 OSS work on A7 ?


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