Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

TroyMich wrote:

I own the A77 and do not see the need obviously to upgrade. I surely would not if I had to sacrifice GPS for Wifi. GPS is a great feature for travel. For them to forego GPS for Wifi is a mistake. For me, the A77 is more valuable than the A77II.

They just updated the Sony RX100II with the RX100III which also does not have GPS. Now, this is probably one of the best small travel point and shoots on the planet and for Sony not to add this feature is a miss!

What's up with Sony and GPS?

I think that the GPS vs WiFi is use case dependent... people prefer one over the other... there does not appear to be many people who value both equally (i.e. highly).

I do not know what your use case is, but mine is casual photography and video of my family, friends, kids, our holidays, special events, etc. My wife and I call it "stuffing the memory banks". In this usage scenario, the GPS is infinitely more valuable (to us) than having WiFi. We want to be able to wade through those memory banks with friends and family from time to time and and one day bore our grandkids to death as we reminisce about years gone by, regaling them about where we were and what we were up to when we took each photograph. The WiFi is a useful convenience feature, but one would never forfeit the GPS for it.

However, I notice that for professional (and maybe even hobby) photographers, the WiFi is a valuable productivity feature.  These people tend to have other solutions for locking in the location information in bulk after the fact, if it is necessary.  This makes sense, for instance if photographs are taken en mass on location, such as at a wedding venue, bird hide, studio, etc.

So it does not make sense to ask a question such as "which do you value more, GPS or WiFi..." without adding the usage context that is typical of the end user being asked.

I also agree with you... GPS is undoubtably going to be a sorely missed feature in a camera being marketed as a travel point point and shoot, because manually adding GPS information to thousands of photographs taken over hundreds of different locations over a two week period is going to be very tedious.

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