Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

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Re: Turns out 2 of my 3 lenses

Yes I agree. (except that I wouldn't have to crop down all the way to a DX frame to get rid
of the vignetting, but that is a side-issue). But here is where I am having trouble:

I think this *is* the issue because (having read the whole thread) those responding to you are pushing you in to a consideration of cropping to dx in post almost as if they are presuming you will always crop to dx, which yet isn't what you wrote. It's a mistake on their part which is confusing you. Sure, you would lose background blur if you do that since you must step back further from the subject.

Where the vignette is effectively non-visible and needs no cropping and you use the whole of the frame for the shot then you ARE getting 35mm lens f1.8 *Full Frame* thin DOF and heavy background blur with your dx lens. There will be little difference (other than a touch more vignette, as shown in your examples, and maybe corner softness and not as good bokeh) between that and using an FX (fullframe) 35mm lens. There would be no need to get the very expensive new FX 35mm f1.8 to get 35mm FF perspective shots. And I would bet that you aren't too far from the resolution of that FF lens.

I think you already understood this and the responders were just scrambling your brains by assuming you will always crop. There is one difference I can think of that might affect you: you probably won't be able to focus as closely and retain similar resolution, but don't quote me on that.

Another mistake they've made is to tell you that there is no standardisation of focal lengths. Sure there is.
Photographers use 135 (full frame) as the point of reference when discussing focal lengths. It may not be an ISO or ASA standard, but when everybody does it then it's a tacit standard. Where you find yourself reading a large format thread on a large format forum then perhaps they won't refer to 135 FLs because they don't need to, but as soon as some clueless newbie comes along, sure they will. So it still happens even in that rarified atmosphere.
And I do believe you already know what it means, that one FL for one sensor size has the same persepctive as another FL on a different sensor size. Just as the 35mm dx is the same perspective as 50mm on FF (but with different dof at the same apertures).
Anyway, you were being unduly murdered in this thread, so I hope that helps some. It did seem to me that you were holding up well under the onslaught, however.

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