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Re: Yes it is dead, but will be resurrected

kuuan wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

kuuan wrote:

not 35mm, not Leica M. imo that's a pity, really.

I would not mind if it did not have Leica M mount but a new mount as long as it has a shorter register distance allowing the use of Leica M and LTM lenses via adapter. But best it would be a mirrorless with a 35mm / FF sensor that is optimized for rangefinder lenses.

Leica M is such a niche, Ricoh would not want bothering with it anymore.

And because of the spirit of solidarity with camera makers, and the motto 'live and let live', Ricoh will not issue an FF M mount support camera to undermine Leica's own existence.

Ricoh moves on. The Pentax team is designing all new lenses, all new tech is poured in new concepts, and the future mirrorless camera from Ricoh Imaging will have a life and virtues of its own.

If you, however, think Leica T as a role-model — not Leica M, then you are on a right track.

Hm..Leica T is the role model in which way? Would Ricoh use the same mount?

I have no idea.  But there has already been a proliferation of short flange focal length (SFFL) mounts to suit mirrorless cameras - Sony-E, M4/3, Fuji-X, Samsung NX, Pentax Q, Nikon ?, Canon EF-M, Leica T and I probably missed more.  It seems like the tower of Babel for mechanical cameras has been resurrected for mirrorless and the reason is to lock in users to lens mounts.

The manufacturers have had to be careful to allow legacy MF lenses to work on their new mounts as they struggle to make enough lenses to satisfy all types of photography.  But surely there will come a moment when only certain lenses and mounts will match - we all know this.

Ricoh-Pentax most likely need a SFFL mount as well if they are not to be right out in left field. The mount module was some sort of stop gap I presume whilst they went looking for a lens manufacturer of thought seriously about making their own.  I don't really think that the PQ mount would take larger sensors - but I don't know the answer for this as it is beyond my technical knowledge just how for the Q mount could be pushed.  It would make reasonable sense for Ricoh not to go it alone with yet another mount system.  For a relatively small producer of cameras they probably already have too many mount systems to support.

Therefore it would seem that Ricoh and Leica not too far apart in design philosophy might be worth a guess as to be capable of sharing a mount system.  That is all.  It would help Leica by providing a larger user base for the mount system and making it more attractive for third parties to manufacture lenses for the mount.  But I suppose the combined sales of Leica and Ricoh camera bodies  might not get too many over excited in this regard.  In any case Leica would be happy I would think to chip away at the premium end and Ricoh at intermediate level and why not have Pentax in there doing something as well?  Who knows - even Sigma might join the T mount consortium.  But please hold our breath there is not even the slightest rumour that Ricoh will make a camera for the T mount.  Anything is possible - including some deep snoring noises.

What I do like about the Leica T is the articulatiing EVF, articulatiing just like those on the GXR and my NEX5N, this offers many advantages in use.

I do not like the the lack of buttons - the touch screen based operation and the brick-like shape, I much prefer the emphasise on handling, good grip, good located, programmable buttons asf.

As mentioned, because I would love to use manual rangefinder lenses that had been made for FF personally I wish for a camera with a FF sensor that is, just like the M module, optimized for rangefinder lenses. Sure it is a niche.

However Ricoh is a niche producer and there are already various, well established makes of mirrorless with APS-C sensor. Nevertheless mirrorless with APS-C makes sense, it is easier to make smaller bodies and smaller lenses, also because of sensor cost the whole system should be less costly than FF.

You say all new lenses from Pentax for mirrorless: I can see Ricoh continuing the virtue of Pentax interchangeable lenses being small but of high quality, ideal for a mirrorless with short register distance. There is space between the existing offerings for Ricoh, I'd expect a 'photographer's camera' emhasizing handling without being retro, possibly with sensor based stabilisation.

Give us a GXR successor, a modular camera with an APS-C modul with a new mount for new AF lenses, and a FF M mount modul

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photos mostly taken with manual lenses on Ricoh GXR M, Sony NEX5N, Pentax K-x and *istDs:

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