EF-M55-200mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM?

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So far so good

From the analysis of the MTF curbs this lens is comparable in terms of quality to the 55-250 stm and the 70-200 f4 L IS, setting aside the fact that it is slower of course.

This is a very nice job since the biggest benefit of the EF M mount is for short focal distances. The reduction of the flange distance allows for the design of non retrofocus lenses while a retrofocus design would be necessary with a usual reflex flange distance. This helped a lot for the design of the 22 and 11-22 mm lenses.

Such benefit does not exist for tele zooms.

On the contrary, the smallest the lens is the more telecentric the optical formula must be which increases the constraints for the designer of the lens.

Since the 55-200 STM is significantly smaller than EF and EF S counterparts with similar optical quality I view it as another masterpiece from Canon. Yes, there is a 1/3 stop trade off and 50 mm reduction of focal lens but I do think there was no other design option to preserve quality, which they did.

I guess this one will join my bag when available in Europe.

These are wonderful times for photography.

I nevertheless look forward seeing a 16 f2.0 and 60 f2.0 as soon as possible.

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