EOS M and EF-EOS M adapter

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Looking into getting an EOS M now due to the significant price reduction. I've got a Canon 400D that I haven't used for years along with a 18-55 and a Canon 50 1.8 II.

The reason I'm interested in the EOS M is mainly to mount my 50 1.8 II on it because I shoot a lot in low light. I would appreciate some feedback on how Canon's EF-EOS M adapter works with this lens. For example, is there any loss of light


, AF speed

Yes, no PD AF.

, sharpness

Yes, if you look at 100% pixel size. Due to the higher pixel density. Lens itself has the same sharpness.

Brightcolours makes a good point. I went from a 350D (8mp) to a T2i with the 50mm F1.8 and I found I had to "up my game" to get the most out of the lens/18mp sensor.

If you want pixel perfect sharpness, the 18mp sensor is much less forgiving to motion blur. I find that in low-light the firmware on the camera is often not up to the past selecting shutter speeds that are overly optimistic, especially if the subject breathes.  While auto or Av was fine on the 350D I most often use Manual mode (on training wheels with auto ISO) or Tv with zoomy lenses.
BTW if you are lowlight shooting try to get a combo with the 22mm F2.  It's not quite as fast as your 50mm but  the wider FOV can be easier to work with and a little more forgiving, plus it will be so much more compact than your 50mm+adapter.

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