Ricoh GXR system?

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Re: Ricoh GXR system - the virtuoso mount module

snorthup wrote:

I've just received my new GXR M mount from Upgrade Monkey, and they are a good outfit. They keep in contact, ship properly, pay the freight and customs. The thing arrived promptly, and was the newest version.

This is my 2nd M mount....I've used my first for almost two years now, and wouldn't part with it for the world. It has helped me make some very nice images, under a bunch of difficult circumstances. To be fully appreciated the thing has to be used on a pretty constant's not a pick it up and go camera. You have to know what you, and it, are doing. Practice, practice, practice. I'm lucky to have a good stash of Leica M lenses, and some CV's as well. I also spent most of my professional life using rangefinder Leicas, mainly M-2's and 4''s and lastly a 7. Magnificent machines all. So the switch to the GXR, with EVR was pretty easy.

My only problem is that I have yet to figure out how to update the OS on my old body. I went to the Ricoh website, downloaded 1.51 onto a clean SD card, put the thing in the camera, turned it on, and BINGO, nothing changed. Any suggestions? Doe's the upgrade make any real difference?

I don't know if the wizards at Ricoh have a new GXR M in the works or not. It really doesn't matter. I'm more than pleased with the ones I have.

There is no perfect camera for everyone; there is a perfect camera for each one.

Thanks, Tom, for the sanity, and insight you bring to this site.

I did answer this in some technical detail but my iPad threw a hump and dropped the lot unposted. I did not drop the iPad on the floor in revenge but I do admit to thinking about it.

I will get back tot the subject when I am in a btter mood and use a proper computer.

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