For GH fans, and interesting read.

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Re: For GH fans, and interesting read.

timmer350 wrote:

Ontario Gone wrote:

"Ready to hear about one place the GH4 tromps on everyone else in the mirror less space (PAY ATTENTION YOU SAD SACK DESIGNERS OF THE SONY A7 CAMERAS!!!!!!) ? It uses big, healthy, happy batteries. Wonderful batteries. Cheap batteries (if you buy off brand). How many shots per battery with stills? I hit over 1,300 shots on the GH4 last week before I changed batteries. And the red warning sign had not yet come on... Can't do that with my (otherwise beloved) Sony RX10 and no one can do that with a Sony A7x".

Oh my...

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Agreed. Got extra Wasabi batteries for my GH4 - and shot over 2600 photos (full 64Gb card) plus many minutes of video, plus messing around on wi-fi for ages before it needed replacing. Simply amazing. And the battery indicator worked.

My limited experience with DSLRs and now mirrorless is that though the battery life certainly depends on the number of shots, it also depends on the total time of exposure. I made this observation with my E-620 long time ago: during the day, battery lasted longer than during the evening. Comparing everything, the only thing which had changed was the average exposure time: during the day, it sat firmly in 1/250-1/500 range (and still green after 200+ shots), evening - 1/15-1/60 (and went orange after 100 something shots). It wasn't test and definitely nothing scientific, since those were two different (but both official, new from the same batch) batteries. And now with GX7 I see something very similar: during the days, I hardly ever see charge dropping to two bars, while shooting in the evening I get to one bar pretty fast. (Hm. It also could be the AF since it has to potentially do more intensive work when it's dark.)

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