Sigma 30 and 19... which one to keep as a general purpose / portability lens ?

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Re: Sigma 30 and 19... which one to keep as a general purpose / portability lens ?

Amamba wrote:

So, after much trial & error, I finally settled on 18-105 as my walkabout lens.

I feel that I have too many lenses now. They don't burn a hole in my pocket, but I'd rather not have lenses I use little.

30/2.8 is a tad sharper (not drastically) and a bit better for portraits, plus just a tiny bit smaller. However, too long for landscapes.

19/2.8 is good for walking around in a city, still usable for portraits (full body), not noticeably longer, less of a universal lens but I feel it would complement 50 better.

So, 18-105, 19 and 50 less 30 ?

What would you do ?

You don't say what you like to shoot, but here goes.  I have both and would keep both, if forced into a choice, I'd keep the 30.  My reasoning would be that I tend to use the 19mm mostly for landscape, where I appreciate its sharpness but generally don't need the 2.8 advantage over the f4 of your zoom.  (If you don't actually want to carry the zoom because of bulk, that's a different story.)  At 30, I'm more likely to be shooting indoors in modest light and want the f2.8 that the zoom can't give me.  I know you have the 50mm but in some moderately tight situations for informal portraits the 30mm works better and you want that faster f stop.  The 30 is fully up to this role as it remains quite sharp even at its full aperture.  That would be my reasoning.

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