Design Nikon's Mirrorless Df-400

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Design Nikon's Mirrorless Df-400

The world is big enough for Mirrorless & DSLR (especially by US consumer behaviour).  So its absolutely true, in my opinion, that a Nikon D400 should exist.

The being said, if Nikon were to make a "Df-400" as a mirrorless camera (similar to a Fuji X-T1, but with any other wish list of advances or features), what would you want to see in it?  [I should probably have to call it a Df-500, because I don't believe Nikon will make it any time soon.  But if they want to save their falling stock prices, they should make it now!]

I'll start:

I think that the "DSLR" design should be left for a "D400" and "D7200" lines -- and that Nikon had "the right idea" for a "Df", but that it was misconceived in being horribly crippled.

I would want a mirrorless "Df-400" to have the looks and character of the Df with controls of a Fuji X-T1, I would want it to have 4K video like the new Sony's, and I would want it to have an adapter where all FX/DX glass can be used on it -- including legacy glass.  I would want it to have a digital "split screen" with multiple options for just that case!  I would want Nikon to take it seriously and not consider this a toy.  I would want them to put as many features as they possibly could into it, being respectful of the "D400" legacy, even if this is a mirrorless "Df-400."  I wouldn't want it crippled miserably the way the FX Df was.  I would want to make sure that it could take a grip (unlike the crippled Df), etc.  I would want the speed of a Nikon 1 V3 (how many fps again? 20? 30?) but a Df quality sensor in APS-C format, optimized for low-light.  I would want it to have and even better, perfected 5th generation electronic viewfinder with all those amazing Fuji features and Sony style focus peaking!  That would be amazing.

Would anything be on your Nikon mirrorless Df-400 wishlist?

I use a D700 so I am totally understand this shouldn't replace a DSLR, but complement it.

I'm trying to imagine a product that could save Nikon's skin from being lost by all the business going to Fuji, Sony, Olympus/Panny, etc.  The reason the Df-400 would be so advanced is so it doesn't destroy Nikon 1 sales.  But also because this is what we want!  Is there anything you'd want (assuming the D400 can sit next to it harmoniously)?

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