Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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K E Hoffman
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In camera GPS convenient but incomplete

Camera GPS is a very lossy data system. You have the GPS, but it only encodes when an image is taken.

You are much better off GEOTAGGING with a device that captures the entire story. So when you open the log file in an application like Lightroom.. you get your path.. you can see how you got from point a to point b etc.    I have an A77.. with an GPS.. it was a check box feature.. I would rather Sony spend money on a better LCD, better focus, sensor improvements vs. tooling and inventory management of two versions of a camera.

I wrote this in another thread...

Use your Phone free apps galore.

There are a ton of free phone apps. (that will work on an used phone that is not even set up with a plan) they create a .GPX log that will track where you were. As long as you sync your phone and camera clock. It auto tags the photos and since it is logging all the time... you actually get path on the map of where you were which a camera GPS won't do.

Don't have smartphone.. don't want to run the battery down?

This ties voice notes to location..


Sony has not yet added a note taking feature like some camera have which would be useful.  This  + camera could be the perfect solution.  Geotagged images and voice notes.. like names etc.

cheaper tools



How to use the log file

If you use Lightroom you can add tags to your images in the DB with included functions.


If you want the RAW tagged.. before Lightroom or other tool...

Free apps.



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