Ricoh GXR system?

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First mistake by Ricoh was the lensor-concept

I am a late adopter of the GXR and bought it together with the M module to use adapted lenses, first of all rangefinder lenses. The M module is optimized for these, works great with them and I enjoy it immensely.

With Lensors I meant the combined "Lens and Sensor-modules", not the M-mount module itself.

I also failed to see the lensor concept and basically ignored it whilst noting that the P10 that came with the 'additonal camera back' that I bought was very good and blew the CX away because it had the full GXR camera capabilities.  But now that price beckoned me I am man enough to say that my first feelings on the lensor concept were quite wrong.  The lensor concept matches sensor to lens and the GXR camera back provides a common interface that makes each version work exactly the same.  There are tools available to make sure that multiple GXR "cameras" can have their firmware precisely the same.  None of this dslr concept where multiple bodies all have to be reset to basic after use and each camera has to be re-tuned to match if you are swapping lenses or shooting conditions require special attributes.

There has been far too much emphasis on the need to throw away your lens when you upgrade the sensor which assumes that the sensor lens combination may be in some way inadequate which I will assert is not the case.  Right now lensor modules can be had for less than a decent lens for any of the other contending cameras.

I think the biggest pity is that the camera buying public were not yet ready to accept the radical idea of the modular camera where the lens and sensor are matched and the camera back matches all combinations.  Vide: the oft repeated request for multiple GR bodies with different lenses where the whole camera is thrown away to upgrade a sensor and there is no obvious way to keep each body synchronised requiring each and every variation to be hand set to specific user's custom settings.  I had this experience very recently where I spent a happy hour getting the more basic GM1 synchronised to another one I have added to my collection.  And that was "just basics" as the GM1 comes out of the box set up like a point and shoot.

Furthermore lenses change in time - I am still "struggling" along with my Canon 85mm f1.2 MkI and my 70-200mm f2.8IS MkI as I simply cannot afford the MkII versions and therefore console myself that the MkI versions were and remain great lenses even if not attached to a sensor and I am lucky enough to have been able to afford to buy them at the time I did.  And the images I took were the best that I could manage at the time and the images I now take are equally as good.

Anyone without a P10 and S10 module should grab one today whilst they are still available at such low prices.

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