Sony A7 plus Zeiss 55 = Magic! (Still: Advice appreciated!)

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Trick with RAW

jfleischmann wrote:

First of all, thank you for your piece of advice!

The thing is that although I am more or less a novice (I still feel like a beginner, that is), I nevertheless have been shooting in RAW for quite some time.

The trick with RAW is that you must post process it. The tone curves are flat. In the develop module in the bottom right, you can select a camera profile and do portrait, etc. Also, I would suggest trying these presets: "Punch" and "Sharpen Faces" (or scenic) and maybe Vignette 1 or 2. These will make most of your images look more like out of camera JPEG (general, not necessarily these two).

Also, I started using LR about two years ago, so in fact, the images shown are already post-processed (but only slightly imho). Maybe I should have specified my question somewhat, especially referring to the images shown and what could be done to improve those in terms of post-processing but also regarding image composition...

I would say boost the exposure 1/3 or 1/2 stop on the first. Try to get the baby to look at the camera. I enjoy off camera looks too, but this seems more like he should be looking at the camera. For your color shot, I think if the person who is holding the baby was just off to camera right instead (not visible in frame) ready to catch the baby it would help. Jingle keys over the camera usually gets a babies attention for at least half a second

For your B&W, I would prefer more contrast between baby and background. A trick with B&W is you can adjust the color luminescence independently. For most Caucasians you can tweak orange, yellow, and red to make the skin look smoother or contrast more (different colors for different skin complexions). This actually makes the skin look more natural.

Your shots are fine though, composition wise. I think the main issue I have is the baby is not looking at the camera. Again, feel free to disagree with me, they aren't my photos (always take critique as an opinion you are free to ignore).


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