Teleconverter used om nomal DSLR lens ?

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What is your point!

technic wrote:

the OP mentioned a tele lens like the 5.6/400mm; your suggestion may be true for small tele lenses or dim zooms (which is probably totally uninteresting for the average user ...), but definitely not for a lens similar to what the OP mentions.

Regarding the vignetting: if the shot was indeed at 105mm (I wondered because that is very different from what the OP was talking about) then you might indeed have no vignetting.

My f/3.5 zoom is not what you'd call dim compared to his f/5.6 lens. The average user here is very interested in 28-105 f/3.5 "type" lenses for DSLRs and the fact that a tele-adapter will work with that type of lens will be of value to many. I believe if you read the title of the OP thread and the post before mine, you'll see our comments are relevant for someone entering the thread for the first time who has a similar (but not identical) question.

Do some research. There are tele-adapters for his 400mm f/5.6 Canon lens which are made by Century Precision Optics. They fit 102mm filter sizes so a modest step-up ring would be needed. They are expensive lenses. I couldn't say if there will be an effect on auto-focus but, with my combination, there is not.

I think you may be trying to make some point -- just make it instead of trying to discredit others.

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