Camera designed for the "Professional Chimper"

Started Jun 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
OP Barlowephoto Regular Member • Posts: 267
Re: Camera designed for the "Professional Chimper" I used to own Olympus OM film cameras, and it seems like Olympus is at the forefront of the mirrorless revolution. Nice to hear you can chimp with the EVF. Let me explain my need for chimping. Shooting in daylight ( or available light), whatever..... is no great challenge. Cameras have great metering, and shooting in raw gives almost unlimited exposure freedom. So I'm not worried about basic exposure. What I need from chimping is feedback. Feedback because I like using multiple strobes on location indoors and out. I like to SEE what every light is doing. Ive been in this game a long time, and just looking at an image, I can tell which one of a half dozen strobes is a half a stop too much. Or if there's a shadow or reflection-which strobe is the offender. Or maybe a gel is casting too much color. It's all about control, I guess. And if my LCD screen gets washed out with too much ambient light--i feel like I 've lost control.........Jeff Barlowe

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