Should I get the X-T1?

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Should I get the X-T1?

Hello guys, I’m trying to decide if the X-T1 is right for me and hope you can help. Feel free to jump to my questions, but I would really appreciate opinions from people with similar background.

When I first started out with photography 10 years ago, my camera was an old Praktica MTL 5B with wide, portrait and tele primes. I loved it! By now I know the lenses were crappy, and the camera itself was nothing compared to Nikons and Canons, but I still loved the process of taking a picture itself, and developing the prints in the darkroom.

After my study I had no access to a darkroom, so I thought I needed a DSLR, and bought a Nikon D50. Really liked the camera and the Nikon approach, it just felt right in my hands. But of course it was an entry-level cam, and things like pressing the EV button and turning the wheel at the same time to change the aperture started to upset me.

So I bought a Nikon D90 and loved it and still do. It is a much more mature tool than D50 was, and since I’m no pro by no stretch, it basically fulfills all my needs. But it still misses that warm analogue feeling that X-T1 oozes.

When mirrorless cams were introduced, I’ve tried a Nikon 1 and thought it was just a toy. No disrespect, you can shoot excellent photos with an iPhone, but it was just nothing for me, and that was my opinion about the whole mirrorless offering until two weeks ago or so. Somehow I stumbled upon a raving review of a X-Pro1. And then another. And another. It got me thinking, since I really felt like I was shooting less because of all the heavy gear that I had accumulated over the years. Then I saw the X-T1 and thought, ok, if I will jump ship, then it would be for that camera.

I only could test the XT-1 for a couple of minutes in the shop before the battery died :/ I loved the the feel and the build quality, it instantly felt just right in my hands.

Anyway, these are my impressions/questions

- The EVF didn’t strike me as the best thing since sliced bread, but I guess you get used to it. Do you get eye strain?

- Mostly people say the video mode sucks and don’t care to elaborate further. The D90 video suffers from rolling shutter/jello/wobbliness whatever you call it. I’m not a huge videographer, so Fuji is jelloless, that’s enough for me. Can anyone tell me how D90 video compares to XT-1?

- Low-temperature operation is -10°C, what happens at -15, it won’t turn on? I’m pretty sure I could take pictures with the D90 last cold winter…

- No power, no EVF, with the D90 I often compose the image powered off, does it bother you?

- Battery life in general, that EVF sure needs a lot of power?

- does it bother you that the LCD doesnt swivel 360°? They could’ve done it…

- the kit lens doesn’t have aperture marks, so powered off, you see everything but aperture

- the shutter speed wheel has this lock, are you able to turn it with one finger, without putting the camera down? I almost never put the D90 down when adjusting SS or aperture, and I couldn’t pull it off with the X-T1 in my brief test

- slow AF? Didn’t feel like it’s slower than D90, but again, quick shop test isn’t really an indication

- the aperture ring seemed not really in sync with the aperture in the EVF, as if it skipped here and there. Of course the camera at the shop went through many hands, do you have the same feeling of unresponsiveness?

- general handling, I can jump from 1/30 to 1/500 and f1,8 to f5,6 really quickly with the D90, changing focus points also works very fast, is that something you can do with the X-T1?

- I have old manual, and newer AF lenses, any opinions on using them with adapters? I heard the Fujinons are excellent, but expensive too, so I’m thinking of buying the kit lens and trying my old F-mount with adapters

Thanks much!

Fujifilm X-T1 Nikon D90
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