Teleconverter used om nomal DSLR lens ?

Started Jun 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Excuse me

Darrell Spreen wrote:1

I posted to simply point out that the idea of using an afocal tele adapter on a DSLR lens should not be dismissed. I wasn't expecting to be challenged on that point since it is well known. That doesn't mean the OP can find a tele adapter that will work for him.

the OP mentioned a tele lens like the 5.6/400mm; your suggestion may be true for small tele lenses or dim zooms (which is probably totally uninteresting for the average user ...), but definitely not for a lens similar to what the OP mentions.

Regarding the vignetting: if the shot was indeed at 105mm (I wondered because that is very different from what the OP was talking about) then you might indeed have no vignetting.

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