SX50, A Mystery Sentinal & the Birth and Growth of a Rain Lily

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SX50, A Mystery Sentinal & the Birth and Growth of a Rain Lily

Lets 1st discuss The Mystery Sentinal,,,,It is a Rain Lily with very little of the typical lavender color,what is so odd about this is,,,,My wife has 4 beds of Rain Lilies and as I have said before, they bloom two or three days after being exposed to a rain shower. Now back to the mystery, each of the 4 beds has one single bloom following a last Friday morning shower. I noticed this oddity early yeasterday morning. I sure am curious about why that one bloom comes out and looks around prior to all others,anyone have an answer to that?

I have posted a sequential time series of 4 images yeaterday and 4 images today,today is 6/24/2014. I entered the time the image was taken in the Caption Box so you can see how it progressed in it's growth across approximately 25-26 hours.

These images are all shot in P-Mode at about 12 feet and 300mm focal length,ISO is in the  100 to 200 range........early morning overcast skies.

I tried to use the same parameters for all images. I did some PP in PSE11.

The last image is a Macro of the Rain Lily from an earlier time.

Yesterday 7:45AM

Yesterday 11:30AM

Yesterday 2:45PM (see rain drops splashes on the siding)

Yesterday 5:45PM ( the sun came out for a while) & The Sentinal is getting some color

Today 6:45AM

Today 7:45AM

Today 8:45AM

Today 9:45AM (note the fly on the top center bloom)

Macro from an earlier time

enjoy dick

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