G15, S110, G1X....

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G15, S110, G1X....

Right now I have an S110. Love the size, toss it in pocket or bag and pretty much never feel the weight. Love that. It just doesn't feel "fun" to use. I try but eh. Hard to give up due to small size and convenience. Image quality mostly good.

Used to own the G16. Had to swap it out for another purchase. Never liked the menu but something about that camera was fun to use. Pic quality seemed pretty good.

Picked up a Sony nex-3nl for a little over 200. Brand new. Pics range from ok/hit or miss to gorgeous.

Still wanting more and can't figure out what it is.
I normally shoot with 5ds and L glass so I don't want to trade too much quality in images although I know I have to a little. Ideally I could settle for anything that would yield a really nice 8 x 10 print.

As the G.A.S. Syndrome marches on I'm looking at a few ideas. I have a chance to pick up a gently used G15. Also the first gen G1X has come down in price.
My Sony nex 3nl is touted as an entry level and I wonder what all the fuss is about as now you can get a used Nex 6 for around 400. Has the almighty view finder. I do miss having one. However that alone isn't enough reason for me to pay more money if I won't see much difference in the quality of images. I can adapt to an LCD screen if I have to.

What is it about cams such as the S110 that makes it feel like an expense iphone camera? Anyone else just simply enjoy the feel of a slightly bigger camera? I'm a woman with small hands and even still I guess I like a camera, even a small one, to feel like I'm holding a camera.

Any ideas? Apart from the usual "you want it all" comebacks. I already know that.

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