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Re: You will love shooting with the G1X mk1 :-)

I thought the same when I watched the Camerastore video, but take a look at their video review for the RX100 III. It is 99% of constant praising of the camera when their only negative comment about it is the short zoom range and the remove of the hot shoe (which they immediately contradict when they say that no one would want to use it anyway).

They say that theres almost nothing bad with this camera. They mention almost non of the negatives that DPR found which is more than just short zoom range and the remove of the hot shoe. Their review is not really in depth review and they are missing a lot of things. So like you said, take it with a grain of salt.

Greynerd wrote:

It does save a lot of money so hope you enjoy the camera. The MkII is well out of reach for me at the moment so it is all a bit academic at present. I got a bit put off by the Camerastore video but he does compare it to the Sony A6000 at the price but then goes and puts an £800 Zeiss lens on the Sony to test it so you have to take it all with a pinch of salt.

The thought of a single lens camera is appealing considering the slow and limited reach lenses available in DSLR/CSC aps-c cameras.

Todd3608 wrote:

I hardly ever shoot macros and I knew that going in. I also know about the slow af. I have used an X-E1 and that af did not bother me.

The articulating screen and at least having a viewfinder and the price played more of a role in my decision to go with mk1. I know the viewfinder is a joke but at least it's there without having to fork over an extra $300 for a better one with mk2.

I should have it later in the week and will post my impressions and a few pics then.

Greynerd wrote:

You have to be careful as some can live with it and others cannot. I found the focusing clumsy and fiddly. Also you have to realise that the G1X represents probably the largest misuse of the term macro ever as what it gives is slightly better than the close focus distance of a DSLR kit lens which is hardly macro. It is fine for people to like the MkI but I think giving advice to others does require a certain detachment.

Fine if you can live with it but the MkII seems a much better prospect.

c.hammett wrote:

It takes a little getting used to, to realize that you occasionally have to flip over to Macro if you need to be a little closer to the subject than specs allow. But I've found that to be very intuitive and can anticipate doing that before I even try to focus on a closer subject. It takes less than a second to make that quick change.

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