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Preview with a tablet and a wi-fi card

Barlowephoto wrote:

I guess the EVF might be the answer.

I use both optical and electronics VF's and while the EVF is becoming more useful to me that's only it's attached to a camera than mounts any lens I have via adapters ( although focus peaking is quite useful in this context ).

Darklamp suggests I use a meter

Yup ( and bracketing ).

but it will not show if a shadow from one of my multiple lights is crossing an important part of my subject.

Well that, with respect, is your job !

It's your job as the photographer to organize the lighting to that it doesn't produce issues like this. Depending on a viewfinder to show this strikes me as the problem, rather than the solution.

Ron, I think you hit it, that OVF users take a while to get used to the EVF, but I think that for me it would be a worthwhile tradeoff.

I think this switching time is over-estimated for the better EVFs.

Note that EVFs don't do well when following rapid movement or panning, in my experience. So that kind of subject will be best left to an OVF.

With so much of my money invested in DSLRs, it may take some time to decide which way to go. I'm thinking back to when I shot with a Rollei. I needed to shoot Polaroids, to get lighting and exposure nailed down. Rollie didn't have a Polaroid back, and so I bought a Polaroid Model 150 ( I think that was the model) which had a full Compur synchro shutter and f stops. I used it along with the Rollei, to proof my images. Well, that same concept might be helpful if I get a mirrorless with EVF to proof my images and shoot the actual job with the Nikons. Then at some point I'd move up to better cameras with EVF.

This is what is called a Heath Robinson solution in this part of the world. ( Over-complex ).

I think what you really need here is a wi-fi card and tablet.

Use the wi-fi card to enable the tablet to read the shots you take while the card is in the camera and review them on that. ( Google Eye-Fi card for one make of such cards ).

Using two cameras is just making things difficult and gets you no better a display.

However I still think your eyes would do better reviewing the scene for issues than waiting until after the shot.

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