X100T - what would be on your wish list?

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Re: X100T - what would be on your wish list?

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

Because I am focused on the interchangeable lens side of Fuji-X, I doubt I'll upgrade my X100s anytime soon. So many lens I want to buy over the next few years. I can see a X-T1 upgrade body if Fujifilm significantly improves continuous AF to truly rival higher end DSLRs.

However, I can see room for improvement on the X100/X100s:

  1. Increase optical quality so that it beats the 23/1.4 prime
  2. Implement a wireless TTL setup that handles multiple flash, with high speed sync, that rivals the best from Nikon and Canon.
  3. Give it the ability to snap focus (e.g., Ricoh GR) and the ability to lock manual focus setting so that you can do one handed grabs for stealthy street photography
  4. Faster shutter speeds overall
  5. Better ISO control --- bring in the dedicated ISO dial or at least another Fn button so that we can instantly toggle ND filter and instant ISO access
  6. Continue enhancing manual focus aids. I wish the Fuji-X line had focus peaking as responsive and detailed as Sony's.

I just noticed that most of my wish list items are what I want in the successor to the X-T1/X-E1/X-Pro1...

If well made, a sensor with more Mpixels would never be bad.

Having performance on par with the 23/1.4 would be strategically necessary in order to sell (most of the x-shooters own a ILC x-body, so the internal competition is high).

Faster AF is never bad.

ISO dial on the X-T1 triggered mixed feelings, and I cannot see room on the top of the X100 series to add one. I agree that extra function buttons would be the best solution.

Improvement of OVF/EVF would always be a good thing.

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