Camera designed for the "Professional Chimper"

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Re: Camera designed for the "Professional Chimper"

Thank you everyone. I guess the EVF might be the answer. Darklamp suggests I use a meter, but it will not show if a shadow from one of my multiple lights is crossing an important part of my subject. Ron, I think you hit it, that OVF users take a while to get used to the EVF, but I think that for me it would be a worthwhile tradeoff.

With so much of my money invested in DSLRs, it may take some time to decide which way to go. I'm thinking back to when I shot with a Rollei. I needed to shoot Polaroids, to get lighting and exposure nailed down. Rollie didn't have a Polaroid back, and so I bought a Polaroid Model 150 ( I think that was the model) which had a full Compur synchro shutter and f stops. I used it along with the Rollei, to proof my images. Well, that same concept might be helpful if I get a mirrorless with EVF to proof my images and shoot the actual job with the Nikons. Then at some point I'd move up to better cameras with EVF.

Thank you everyone, I needed to see if the EVF was handy and efficient. Sure beats the magnifier hoods, I guess............. Jeff Barlowe

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