Is my ancient NEX-7 a worthless piece of junk?

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Re: Is my ancient NEX-7 a worthless piece of junk?

You have to remember that you are buying in to an innovative product line with Sony which is not something you are doing with Canikon. The old obsolete stuff in Canonikon world is just having to compete with the latest batch of obsolete kit coming off the production lines.

davids8560 wrote:

After reading the following excerpt from dpreview's latest MILC round-up I began to wonder if it was a mistake to buy into the initial NEX-7 hoopla.

"The NEX-7 was an ambitious camera when launched, but so many subsequent refinements have appeared on less-expensive NEXs (not least in terms of improved JPEG output), along with additional features such as Wi-Fi and on-sensor phase detection, that it's hard to recommend now it on build-quality alone."

Checking eBay, it looks as though I would take a significant loss unloading my now "obsolete" NEX-7.

Feeling disappointed. Thought it would be a good camera a little bit longer than two years!

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