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Re: Forum Split: FF & APS-C

flyfisher99 wrote:

just last week there was a poll done by the moderators showing that indeed most wanted a split. A few days ago i started and participated in a few FF discussions, but last few days the forum is clogged up by non-FF posts, a6000 this, a6000 that.

the poll was not done by the moderators but by the head Admin ( Simon ), before a split is done there is work to do which you dont see, also they have priorities which go or get adressed first.

PM i recieved from Simon


yeah sorry been rushing around from meeting to meeting like crazy this week. Looks like the split will happen (not immediately, some work has to be done first). I didn't read all the responses but i was interested by the suggestion that the RX1 should go in there too (though i've not given it much thought beyond that). Will post something tomorrow, or feel free to quote this message in a post.
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so just be patient its in the works


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